Sunday, 25 May 2008

Food + Training Log

6.30am workout

30 crunches
30 Backwards crunches

Basic leg work (no squatting)- floor work

Post AM Workout

800ml water

Ginger + Lime infusion with warm water

Got a nap before my evening workout!

5pm workout

Arms, free weights

Squats 40 -- about 15 of those yoga squats

1 hour 20 minutes of work, majority being weights.

Post workout
800ml Watermelon with 2 limes whilst doing weights and as recovery drink

Loving me some watermelon mmm!! Ode to Sarah mono mealing this holiday weekend.. I may have another..its so awesome!!


Cucumber Mlyk with raspberries

Blended 1 HUGE Cucumber (talking 12 + inches here!!)

with a little water, grated ginger

Threw in 2 hand fulls frozen raspberries at the end

Creamy.. refreshing..delicious!!
Made 800ml (27 OZ)

Fond of drinking my smoothies blender sized at the moment, keeps me full for a good few hours before I feel in need of another smoothie or any solids. I have my 880ml cups, so I drink a little, then pour it in there.. with a straw its no problem drinking it all up!

Scores on the doors for today!

87% Carb

9% Protein

4 % Fat

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