Monday, 5 May 2008

Supercharged Fudge Brownie


Give some to your guests..and let the fun begin!!


15-20 dates (mine were small)

1 cup water

2 Spoons Kate Magic-- Be the Change: Magic Dust (Mesquite,Lumaca,Cocao,Crystal Manna,Pink salt)

1 spoon Carob

1 spoon Maca

1 spoon Nut Butter (cashew I had)

200g coconut shredded up or mature grated..whichever you have.

To make

Soak the dates for 4-6 hours

Blend with 1 cup of water until a good thick even texture appears.

Blend in 100g of Coconut

Put into bowl, hand mix in all the Superfoods, taste, check it is to your palette.

Pour mixture into a dish, top with the rest of the coconut, place in fridge overnight or freezer, cut into pieces and bag up! Voila

If you wanted them to be firm enough just with fridge overnight add coconut oil.

Mine went in the freezer for 3 hours, are lovely and creamy...soo chocolatey.. YUM!

A treat for all!


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Anonymous said...

Looks really great, someday we should make food together. That would be nice. You know I have a friend who works in London, in Mayfair who offered me a place to stay if I ever came, if I did would I see you, are you in town or in the burbs? I would take a train to see you and we could have a raw meal together or something.

Nerdette said...

That recipe sounds so delicious! I'll have to try making it sometime! ^_^