Sunday, 4 May 2008

AAhh RELAX....

Sundays are always relaxed, but even more so when you don't have to go to work the next day!! Yipee!

Been relaxing, later on make tea for my friend and have a chinwag.. mainly just a chilled day, its lovely and sunny... aah!



1 small avo

Afternoon meal

1 Salad-- Romaine, spring onions, British Santini Tomato-- yellow and red, Lime juice

My stomach is a bit unsettled tonight so unsure of what I will have tonight, maybe some apple juice with ginger, or something simple like banana/lettuce smoothie

I really have been in the mood for preparing food, once I get the bug I cant stop!! ha!

Prepared tea for my friend, a Pear salad-- with British and Asian pears, pomello dressing.. loads of greens.

She had a big bit of cake ..certainly enjoyed it, yet to try myself!! I am a bit proud of it mind.. I must say!! is the beauty! so firm and easy to slice..I am amazed!

Today I have been uncooking..

Made some cheese, based loosely on a post from the lovely Carmi on cashew cheese

see here

I used half sunflower seeds half pumpkin, and miso -- looks pretty good, once its firm and seasoned I will take some pics of it.

Ended up using my old blender for it.. which worked well. Reason being even though its 1/4 of the price of my old one, its hard wearing..and will blend anything UP SMOOTH! its mad.. a £10 blender shouldn't be that powerful, but it is, so.. used it for the cheese making. Worked lovely.

Then used cheesecloth to drain it out as usual.. same as when I last made cheese.. see this blogpost..

Used some Italian seasoning to coat it, it smells GOOD and cheesey!! haha in a good way!

Now making some Super-charged chocolate brownies.. I have some odd bits and bobs left over from the kinda throwing them together. I will post pics and exact recipe tomorrow for those.

Soaking the dates at the moment..eagerly waiting to get making!!

Been a slow restful day, think tomorrow will be exactly the same!!

That's all for now..

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HiHoRosie said...

Have you tried your cake yet? It looks so good - sinfully delicious I might add. ;)