Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sweaty Sundays..

I woke up to the rain drumming on my window at 6am, decided to get proactive and workout. Planning to spend the next two days working out, resting, drinking lots of juice.. and catching up on my foodie programmes.

Today I am watching Anthony Bordain: No Reservations, I absolutely love these, he is such a food lover..its insane..watching him eat and eat and eattt!! But..all the locations, going around with locals, little bits of information..I find fascinating!! Hour long shows back to back.. have watched two now..going to make some lunch and potter(although not far without a hood/umbrella or anorak!)

Something about working my muscles, getting sweaty and focusing on working a specific part that makes me mentally crystal clear. Suddenly whatever problems or worries are rationalised! I have been able to make clear lists and TO DO list for 6 months. File it, and not think twice about it. What is done is done.

Working my core today, although I will do squats tonight, 30-50 ..till I cant do many more basically!! Pleased with the results, my thighs and hamstrings.. so going to continue doing those everyday for sure. Combination of plain squats and yoga squats

I had my GS yesterday however I am not having them today or tomorrow, as I will be feasting on watermelons mostly and some juicy fruits. Keeping it simple over the holiday weekend, bit of indulgence to be honest.. I cant think of anything better than drinking nothing but watermelon!!

Oh Oh oh.. I saw a dragon fruit!! for the first was beautiful!! I didn't get any though..maybe after work one night I will get one... hehe.. I was standing there in awe..whilst the man unpacking the box said to me "Do you know what the hell these are luv?!"

..had the same problem at the checkout trying to buy some Sharon fruit!! She didn't know what to put it through as!! corr.. Now I remember why I avoid supermarkets lol..mmm.. I love Sharon fruit..its like pure candy.. give them a few days and enjoy the sweet jelly..YUM!

Amazed at how easily I am building muscle, its all good!!

I am trying to keep stocked up on fruit, without being overstocked.. I cant stand waste..but I also don't want to be hunting for something to eat..I think I am just about finding the balance. Its hard with fruit like mango,banana, avocado which need some time to ripen.. just have to get plenty of under ripe at various stages! You have to become a super shopper!!

Had the pleasure of seeing not 1..but 2 amazing friends its all good, today is a chill day.. flop around..potter to the shop..workout..that is all on the agenda my friends!

My favourite vids this week from You Tube

The lovely Jenna visiting her market(lucky thing!)

Guys on a Raw vegan challenge building muscles!! with...resistance bands!!

In the theme of Green smoothie challenge..a lush Green Grapefruit Juice!! Mmmm

Food and workout log a bit later!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Here's an avocado tip: When they get as ripe as you want them on the counter, store them in a paper bag in the fridge and they will keep a LOT longer.
Pixy Lisa

HiHoRosie said...

Anthony B is CRRRAAAZZYYY! But he's so fun to watch isn't he?

I'm in love with watermelon juice right now too. We've been working out in the garden (argh!) and having some watermelon juice is very refreshing when hot.