Wednesday, 21 May 2008

New season.. British Strawberries

Finally.. the British Strawberry is here!! And man O it good!!! Yum!!

I have been lucky enough to get them on offer this week ( 2 punnets for £3), they are so fabulous, have been eating them everyday this week!! They are so sweet and...Mmmmm..been eating 200g most days...yum yum!

Have been spending a fair bit of time exercising or haven't been around as much as I would of liked. Also brewing on my party idea!! Stay tuned!!

Been eating simple and playing outside a lot!!

Weights, arms, legs, core work and some basic yoga bits this week mainly. Everyday doing a different part or focusing on something different. Today I have had a rest day, I was so tired and hungry I couldn't really concentrate on anything!!

Yoga squats are seriously think its easy..until you wake up the next day.. however I am pleased with the appearance of my legs, so will be keeping those up!!

Mainly eating Pineapple, strawberries, pears, celery and greens right now

They also happen to make a fabulous GREEN SMOOTHIE!! lol

I am walking with my GS tomorrow, I need it post workout in the morning!!

Having fun, got a big and long weekend planned, off tomorrow until Tuesday, its a bank holiday here, so I am looking forward to some relaxation, sun and long runs!

Anyway that's all for now!

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HiHoRosie said...

Enjoy your LOOOONNNGG weekend! and those strawberries look GORGEOUS! One of my favorite things ever! :-D