Friday, 30 May 2008

I heart fruit

I love fruit.. its the perfect thing right now... juicy and..fabulous!!

This week has been so stressful..and just one thing after another..but I have been able to organise things and rationalise with myself. I feel back on top of the world now..just in time for a rainy old weekend!!

Today I made the most fabulous morning post workout smoothie, really simple

4 Banana's

150g frozen raspberries

2 scoops Raw Protein Powder w/maca + E3


I made mine super thick, made 800ml of smoothie, this lasted me all day at work 745-1730..and was super filling and delicious!!

The protein powder doesn't have any taste really, certainly felt energised in the afternoon for sure!! Will be trying to use that now for a week, as well as my normal training, see if I feel/see any differences.

I will try and log food/workouts when I can!! Just didn't have time this week with all the life drama!

I scored a watermelon at last, lovely big one for £2.99, I went down to the organic man today, he said the unsprayed ones are £5 each..which is a I am thinking about it. May well get one next week and see if they are good..and worth the money for 1 days food really...

Normally my food for the day is under £5.. so.. I have to think..first!

Anyways stocked for the weekend, got my watermelon, some nana's and a few odds and ends here and there.. was a bit like a kid in a candy store tonight..just picked little bags of all different veggies and will see what I put together with it tomorrow. Just got myself enough to last Saturday and Sunday..

I have planned 4 gym sessions for the weekend, as well as home doing those..keeping things relaxed..and having my food here..and easy to prep..makes things simple!!

That's all folks..more over the weekend!


Sarah said...

Love that fruit pic! :) My kids like bananas+raspberries together!

HiHoRosie said...

Sounds like your weekend is set! Mine is too but more on that later. Hope your weekend is FAB!