Saturday, 31 May 2008

Food Log + Training

AM workout

Trainer session so went through new programme, lots of varied things. But no intensity as he was showing me ropes

After this

Weights- just arms, free weights, 10kg and 20kg


then did 50 reverse(ouch)


Basic PM workout

Weights again (Just used little 10kg -- light and can do lots of slow reps)

Squats-- deep ones

Post workout drink

Blended 1/2 watermelon w/2 limes

Evening meal

Few bits of very ripe Pineapple (before they went into the freezer)

(1 hour later)

2 Ripe vine Tomato

If I am hungry later

Frozen pinapple on scewers or Mango smoothie lolly (got plenty made up in my freezer)

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