Monday, 26 May 2008

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

Man do I love long weekends.. I extended mine by 1.5 yes..I have had 4.5 days off work!! To be honest I will be glad to get back tomorrow..

Now am holding onto my holiday until next year.. as in 2009.. really want to save it up..not sure what for yet.. But with a bit of saving I feel I can use it productively rather than taking odd days here and there. I have a couple days off for my own birthday and then a few days in July, which will be nice.

I have a week with meetings and a work doctors appointment tomorrow which I really AM dreading..but I have to Ce la vie! My eyes were causing a problem at work and a lot of time off, however they haven't been too bad lately, in fact I barely notice the flashing lights in my vision unless I am stressed, or tired..or just before I go to sleep. Refraining from any stress..and getting plenty of sleep..seems to be solving the problem, or at least making it minimal!

Probably the best thing about this weekend is that I have spent time with some dear friends but also some serious alone organise things..and also I have had time to workout twice a day. Something I know I need to find time for during the weeks also. Setting my alarm for 5am tomorrow so I have a good hour to get a workout before I need to start getting ready for work.

Much to my horror I was low on ripe Banana and had NO GREENS this morning, so went off to find some.. plenty of stores are open..although not my organic man on a had to buy the best I could find. Really must top up on Banana properly tomorrow, Having 2-3 bunches ripe and 4 or so medium or just turning helps.. since the weather has turned cold..I have a windowsill full of GREEN banana's!! Oh no! I am not quite as organised as Sarah..her wee guide to the perfect Banana is handy though!

I found this picture of square watermelon..very disturbing..but also..slightly I liked that the explanation was they could easily fit into the fridge..Mine are lucky if they get into the fridge before getting EATEN up!! I am so desperate for some watermelons..but it seems they are a bit hard to come buy still here.. I can get a 1/4 maybe 1/2.. BUT its pricey buying them like this..can I find a whole one..Heck no!! (ALSO my friend really isnt taking the hint that I want a watermelon.. you try carrying one of those home!!.. Dont think they realise how serious I am!!)

Tomorrow I am going to invest in some new resistance bands.. really am enjoying using heavier weights at the gym..think the bands would be a nice variation for home. I have some basic weights..and yoga bands currently. Looking at getting some lovely new 20kg weights for my Birthday .....lusting after pretty weights.. yes..I

Anyways that's all for now, off to do my evening workout and get some juice!



Anonymous said...

I want one of those square watermelons! Cool!

HiHoRosie said...

I've seen those square watermelons before - very weird/cool!

How nice you had such a long(er) weekend. Mine was 3 1/2 days long. Not bad but not as good as yours!

So you've got a birthday coming up???? *<:-D

Azura Skye said...

hey - I saw your post on Connie's blog - saying that you are looking for watermelon.

If you have a LIDL near you they do some really lovely ones from Spain that are sweet. When they first have them they charge £3 for one, but as they reduce them I think you can get them for £2.

I had a dream last night that I befriended a Tesco worker who would give me loads of organic produce free that they would otherwise throw away! If that ain't a rawbie's dream, I don't know what is!

Hope you find your watermelons! If you find some organic ones, let me know because I feel that eventhough they are yummy, nonorganic ones can't be that great because the water must be a bit minging really.

take care! x

Ella said...

That is so awesome to see how you did that.

Have a great day in London.


Sarah said...

Those square watermelons weird me out abit! I hope your eyes feel better soon!!!