Saturday, 31 May 2008

Juicy joy!

After getting to bed at 4am..I wasn't exactly enthusiastic when I had to get my butt out of bed and off to personal trainer session early!! but..groggily off I went!!

Did go well though..planned too more mini sessions at home today, then tomorrow 2-3 sessions.

Got just enough food to last me the weekend, planning on making it last and work for me. Had a vague idea what I wanted to make over the weekend bought firm veggies..and scored some super ripe pineapple..which is now in the freezer all sliced frozen pineapple kebabs!

Soooo hungry after training, mad dash for the kitchen to see what to whip up!!

Spending a lot of time working out right now, really clearing my head and giving me time to think about what I want.. 6 months down the line, a year down the line, its all possible!

Man..that watermelon is so so good!! Going to try and get 3 this week, they are so fantastic..I could happily just have watermelon..if they were easier to get hold of!! If I had a car I would be down the supermarket buying a pallet! The wonderful Connie at Naked Food Cafe is embarking on some watermelon mono feasting!! Mmm.. I will be keeping an eye on her journey.. and drooling(and getting slightly envious at all the melon!!)

My friend said to me yesterday..what do you want for your birthday.. err.. a pallet of organic cucumber, watermelons.. oh...and a lot of cacao for party time!! hehe.. save it for special occasions these days.. I completely agree with Matt Monarch as far as cacao being a "party drug" and not something to be eaten every single day!.. so I am looking forward to a bit of chocolate for sure in a few weeks..but truth be known.. I would be mega excited if a watermelon with a bow appeared!! ha!

Feeling really good right now, taking the focus off the food and back to ME, looking after me..emotionally, whatever way that may be. This week has tested me big time, but feel mega out the other end!!

Anyoo.. time for some R&R

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