Friday, 23 May 2008

Stress...Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend

I have been quiet, was having a great week then got a rather unexpected..and "estimated" bill arrive last night, this has kind of thrown me of kilter.. Gemini's do not handle stress well, it throws me completely off balance.

Anyway after a stern word with myself, a lot of thinking and budgeting ..I can finally RELAX and try not to stress myself SICK literally!! I know any stress aggravates my crohns, so I really am trying to CALM DOWN.

Just a natural worrier! Anyhoooo!

Felt a lot clearer mentally this morning, got up and pottered a bit..been catching up on all my favourite Foodie programmes, which in itself has been relaxing. My regular show, Market Kitchen have been doing various features this week for National Vegetarian Week!.. pretty funny had them guessing what products were vegetarian or non vegetarian.. they got them ALL WRONG! Pretty funny that beef crisps are vegetarian Fanta fizzy drink IS NOT vegetarian.. Not that you will catch me swilling out of a soda bottle anytime soon!! Ha!

I then went into the kitchen and realised, there was nothing in there I was truly CRAVING.. I wanted oranges..watermelon..juicy fruits..

So off I the scorching sun..down to the organic man!! I got a load of lovely produce for £8..and some amazing looking RV Chocolate..yummy! I was salivating on the walk back..eager to get that watermelon down me!!

Blended the watermelon with 2 limes...Ahh..heaven in a glass!!

We now have a lovely long holiday weekend here.. so I am going to spend it relaxing, unwinding body and soul.. and working out plenty..getting outside whilst its so glorious!!

Have an insane Orange craving.. cant wait to get orange juice after my evening workout!! Ooh nearly forgot..My hemp protein powder with Maca and e3 LIVE arrived!! Yipeeeeee.. will report back on how it tastes etc!! Cost me £18 in total with the postage..pretty good deal! Considering the ones I was looking at here were going to be £45 with postage!

Will post later on tonight with food log/stats and any more pictures!

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HiHoRosie said...

Ugh! Bills! Unexpected or expected they're BLEH! Sounds like you got your head on right and handled this pretty well. :) Hope the long weekend goes amazingly good whatever you decide to do.