Monday, 5 May 2008

Preparation is key..

Preparation Preparation Preparation.

I hear people all the time saying.."ooh I don't have time to make lunch or healthy snacks..hence I end up eating those Cornish pasties/sandwiches/burgers/sausage rolls"

Make time for yourself, your health and well being IS worth it!! If it means getting up early or missing that TV programme..or staying up an extra 20 minutes, DO IT you are worth it!

Last week all I did was eat whole fruit at work or chopped up, no salads really or smoothies. I kept things simple out of sheer laziness and trying to juggle work and gym and business plans.. so.. decided this week to be a bit more organised.

I turned all the salad bits I had into various salads, I also have cheese made, hummus and a spicy salsa. So literally all it takes is grab a pot, grab whatever dressing or fruit to top (pear/lemon juice/apple) and sit down to eat.. Simple! I also have some fruit bits..and the desserts I made. Plenty of options

All it takes is freeing up 30 minutes and you can have enough options for 3 days of eating! Without any worrying, what am I going to eat, do I have time.. bla bla.. when your hungry.. sense goes out the window sometimes-- this way the food is there, ready! I am the type of person..if theres nothing easy to eat..I wont bother to eat at all!

Don't they look fresh and appetising?... Yum!
Loving British Santini tomatoes, they are plum shaped and come in yellow and red variety, they are stunning and so so delicious!! I just love any tomato at the moment, could happily just eat them for days!!
Anyways is a lovely sunny day.. relaxing..the windows all bliss
Had a lovely breakfast after the gym
Blueberries (200g) and 2 glasses of fresh orange!!
Anyways that's all for now, more later, need to photograph my brownies and cheeze.... more to come!

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HiHoRosie said...

Looks absolutely wonderful my dear! Fresh food always looks beautiful and colorful - how could anyone resist? :) And yes, preparing in advance is key. Makes life so much easier when you do.