Monday, 12 May 2008

British Summer... Finished!

Seems we have had our sun, and its back to clouds, wind and rain!

Quick food logging, really tired so keeping it short and sweet tonight.


Feeling my way back to food, I drunk a lot of tea

2 banana's and some goji berries


2 Banana handful Goji berries

1 Banana + 1 lettuce for lunch

Lots of tea and water

Dinner : 250g Pineapple


2 Banana

Goji Berries

Sunflower seeds

3 Strawberries

1 Pear

Dinner : Strawberries , pears, dried tomatoes and probably a bit of cheeze (can you tell I am PMS-ing!! ha!) Heres a quick snap!

Eating simple, but heavy lots of banana's.. end of think that's why..just craving denser foods. So having goji and banana is a lovely treat!!

About 40g goji berries each day. Pain is easing up and cramps passing main thing, should be gone by Friday eating this way. Normally I cannot eat I know right now my body needs it!

That's all folks, will post properly Friday when I am off on holiday!!

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HiHoRosie said...

I certainly can relate to your weather here in Seattle. It's pretty much the same but your "summer" is making it's way over to us now. It's supposed to be warm today, tomorrow and Saturday! Woo hoo!! Looking forward to wearing shorts finally-or at least flip flops!