Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Watermelon..hook me up!!

Thanks you guys so so much for the Watermelon tip off!! LIDL it would seem have them..also this week now Sainsburys and Tesco..supermarkets seem the place. My organic man had only 1..he decided to hack up the rest..and by the time little old me got down there after work..NOTHING!!

Luckily a very sweet friend went off to get me one after I shall feast on watermelon and limes...Mmmm

Anyways in light of the increase of outgoings this week I will be cutting my food costs down a fair bit for the next 6 months. This means I can.. still enjoy working out, go out with my friends occasionally and do a wee bit of travelling also. I will log what I spend and how much..hopefully it will help some other guys trying to keep RAW and healthy on a budget!!

Basically simplifying my food, I am enjoying smoothies at the moment, I am more than happy on these alone. So for now, mainly smoothies.. believe me I will enjoy a serious cacao kick on my bday.. on the 19th June..for any of you wondering..yes I do like to make it into a two week event..being a complete kid at heart!!.. I will be eating chocolate.. getting hyper..and behaving like a kid....and no..I cant wait!!

I am planning on bulk buying Banana's, avos and pineapple. By doing this I will always have plenty of base for smoothies. I also have frozen berries..loads of those..and can get a good deal on cucumbers from my organic man. I am loving Cucumber smoothies right now, with just a handful of raspberries...DEVI NE

Anyways..more to life than food.. I am loving working on my physique..making the most of my time outside of work..rather than spending it worrying over what I don't have..I am devoted to spending it..enjoying..and embracing what I DO HAVE!!

Bit hyper..but also shattered, worked a long day..and was a bit preoccupied with getting everything in order.

Anyhooooo that is all for now....more later on in the week

Oh oh oh..Chad Sarno on TV tonight was toooo tooo cute.. on Market Kitchen..UK can catch the repeat at the weekends..or I am sure..someone will upload it to youtube by tomorrow!! He made his beetroot cashew cheese looked YUM!!

Something about an American accent..gorgeous!!..ha! (the fact he can make amazing raw dishes may be a slight bonus!!) ha! I enjoyed watching anyways!

Right..time to rest..More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I have not been commenting as much lately as I have been super busy, but I am reading faithfully. :) Just wanted you to know I am still here, though somewhat invisible!

Enjoy your watermelons, the food of the the Goddess IMHO! :)


Sarah said...

Cutting down the costs on food is always a good thing! Glad you are starting to find some melons now!

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Did you try putting the ripe avos in a paper bag in the fridge? I've had 2 in my fridge for about 5 days and cut one tonight and it was perfect. They FEEL like they are bad, but they aren't.
Watermelon ROCKS, but sadly, I finished mine last night and need to buy another.
Pixy Lisa

HiHoRosie said...

Mmmm....watermelon....I want some now!

And yeah, buying in bulk is the way to go especially with bananas and pineapple. In fact, we want a freezer so we can really stock up!