Sunday, 1 June 2008

Everything tastes better....on a stick

Maybe its the kid on me..but..I love eating things on sticks lol

Lately have been eating Mango smoothie lollies ..on sticks..Pineapple on a stick.. fruit/veggie kabobs...Yummy!!

Mango smoothie lollies so simple to make..and everyone loves them!! just blended mango with a couple of limes and pour into moulds!

Anyoo I made these this morning ; veggie kabobs with Peppers, cucumber and mushroom..delicious

For the mushrooms I marinated them overnight, lemon juice, curry spices,sea salt and a drop of olive oil-- massaged well and popped into the fridge. I cut them into little bits before marinating--since I knew what I was going to be using them for.

I also bought pea pods to add in..but err.. I ate those whilst making it! They would make a fabulous addition, if you can resist eating the lovely sweet pods..beforehand!

Lush.. they are so fresh and lovely, will drizzle with some fresh lime juice before serving, have salsa and raw mayo in the fridge... friend popping over this afternoon, so no doubt she will have a few of those.. I adore cucumber..yum!

Anyoo just wanted to pop up the pictures! More later

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HiHoRosie said...

You're so funny! "Everything tastes better on a stick!!" It does!