Tuesday, 10 June 2008

All I need is.... liquid sunshine

Today I have been drinking grapefruit/pear Juice.. It is so soo good.. can just feel all my cells drinking it up!

Somehow the creamy pear..just turns it into a completely silky treat..it goes down wayyy too easy. I had to pour it into a cup and make myself chew ..and go slowly. Not just gulp the lot down!!

I am enjoying mostly liquid and can say..I could easily just have liquid and be more than fine. I feel mentally clear right now..strong..able to just say NO..whilst at the same time listening to what my body asks for.

Food log TODAY

2 Litres Grapefruit/pear juice


Green tea

Small salad

Tonight I have prepared the juice for tomorrow, 2 litres again. Easy to whip up, takes me 5 minutes and 5 minute clean up. Pretty good, I enjoy pottering in the kitchen in the evening..its relaxing..not a chore!

1 Pineapple and about 8 Large Navel oranges -- so Creamy and good, filled my flasks up for the morning. I will probably have a glass tonight..mmmm

My sister totally blessed me today..so I was able to get fresh strawberries, celery and another sack of oranges..the market lady looked pleased to see me! ...here comes that little lady that buys a load of oranges!! lol I must say hers were not the cheapest.. I saw some stalls that had 6 for £1.. however..hers were big and looked fresh..not the old scraps!!

I got some gorgeous large Pineapples, the guys in the supermarket pointed the box out to me..there was layers of Large golden Pineapples.....all on sale for £1.. So I got two, they smell divine..every time I go in the kitchen..mmm the aroma wafts over me!!

Oranges and Grapefruit yield a lot of juice..and are fairly cheap. I seem to have switched from my melon kick onto citrus.. so satisfying!

Was lucky enough to leave off work early today, was so gorgeous and sunny, was a real treat to potter around the market and hit the gym ...walk around the garden barefoot..all those little things that make me grin!!

The weather is so so beautiful, set to change tomorrow, so I am going to enjoy every last bit of golden sunshine!!



HiHoRosie said...

I'm not a fan of grapefruit but LOVE the way I feel when I've drank fresh juice. It is like you said, the body's cells are drinking it up!

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Yay for juicy days! Looks like you got some good produce.
Glad you are feeling better.
Pixy Lisa

Sarah said...

You're so right! Isn't is good to feel your every cell being nourished on the deepest level?! :)