Friday, 6 June 2008

The melon man...

No ..not the milkman

not..theJuiceman (although that would be

the melon man has been to visit..!

I have two huge beautiful Watermelons for the weekend.. that will be plenty to feast on with lime juice.. Bliss!

I have managed this week on a teeny I am chuffed I have managed it. The melons were the biggest expense at £2.99 each!! However my mate dropped them really I cant lug melons that big home!!

Have been looking into buying wholesale direct from Fruit and Vegetable suppliers, this would work out a lot cheaper. Buying 5-10kg cases of fruits.. very reasonable price, Have spoken to a supplier not far from my home and they are going to do me a deal in a couple weeks... Oooh..I am wayy to excited about it!

Looking at getting 40lb Banana, case of Cucumbers, tomato,lettuce,baby corn and Oranges..Drool!

Definitely might help some other rawbies..try going straight to the packaging.. cheaper.. MAKES GOOD SENSE!!

Had a really good day despite being shattered after getting 4 hours sleep..but pumped and ready for a good weekend of working and watermelon drinking!

That's all for now.. time to relax..been a manic 12 hours!!


Sarah said...

Congratulations on finding deals with the wholesalers! You go girl.

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

I just went and got 2 watermelons for the weekend too! YAY!