Saturday, 14 June 2008

Excuses Excuses...

Tut tut tut..all I hear is excuses excuses

I cant afford raw

I don't have time for raw

I don't feel full on raw

I don't have a vitamix/champion/dehydrator

My family/siblings/partner/dog/manager is opposed to me eating raw


Health is paramount. Without optimal health, we are left unable to do anything..whether those are simple tasks..or huge feats. Without taking care of our bodies..there really is no foundation for life!!

Perhaps the huge turn around for me from taking 12 steroids every morning chased by various painkillers to now DRUG FREE is what has made me such a "preacher" for raw. I believe my health is worth time, effort and money. My family are stunned in the change, I feel ALIVE again!

If YOU don't take charge of what goes in your mouth, nobody else will!!
Take responsibility for your health ..BE THE CHANGE, BE THE EXAMPLE. That's more than any words/book pushing.. just being that example..will start raising eyebrows!!

Me and my buddy were up early watching UKFOOD as usual.... the adverts during the break were somewhat odd for a food programme...

One for Gaviscon is a handy travel sachet(Gaviscon on the go?!)

followed by Diet coke with vitamins(Vitamin C or Antioxidants?!..ERR)

I started to chuckle.. Diet coke with vitamins?! A complete Oxymoron!!

RAW heals every complaint, provides such an amazing spectrum of nutrients..we don't need to take this..use this..drink this.. just FRESH VIBRANT produce.

Guess I have acknowledged now that although I love gourmet treats as much as the next person a true FRESH raw diet is Optimal. Fresh, living and ripe produce, opposed to over processed things. Sure they are fine as a treat..but well..its kind of like not quite running on pure fuel..PUT the best you can afford into your body and REAP the benefits in every aspect of your life.

I will be trying to log exactly what produce I have got, what juices and so forth. For myself to be accountable but also to give a snapshot of what I am spending and any detox that comes with upping my juice intake! Right now I feel awesome on my clean and takes the fuss right out of life. Juice and go. That's all!!

Last night I whipped up Watermelon juice, this was a 10 minute job and now I have the majority of my juice for the day done. Also have a big pitcher of fresh lemonade to enjoy!

Anyoo that's all for now, back with my juice log for the day a bit later!

Eat raw, play hard rawbies!


HiHoRosie said...

Woo hoo!!!!! Nice post Londoner! You are so right that we are in charge of our bodies and we should be caring about what we put in them.

And coke with vitamins??!! That's not right I tell ya.

You're awesome my dear! You make tremendous food, you're a fabulous friend and EXAMPLE of raw foodies. :)

For my pasta - you're right! How could I possibly forget PESTO! I love the stuff! Mmmm...I might be making some of that soon.

Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy that watermelon juice. Now I'm off to make some juice of my own.

Sarah said...

Great post, girl. :) It is really all up to us, isn't it?!