Sunday, 8 June 2008

Juicy hydration...

I woke up this morning with a sore head, knew straight away was I went to drink some juice straight from the fridge.. 20 minutes later right as rain!

Something about watermelon juice..and nothing so light.. yet filling.. its awesome

Tried eating some watermelon today, I didn't think I liked the texture much..but actually its fine, I just swallowed the seeds down with the flesh. They are very small ones.

Just hacked up my last watermelon.. a bit of anxiety swept over me..that that's it..all gone.. and I am not too sure when/if I can get more food!I trust the universe to provide me with some more produce..just having faith!
..its pretty therapeutic just carving it.. gently slicing the flesh away.. just gorgeous..all the juice dripping out..the smell..Mmmm!

Watermelon rocks Somehow its entirely hydrating, filling and satisfying. On waking I was ravenous..but after my peppermint to settle my stomach. I felt fine again and not hungry. I have a little watermelon left, 6 grapefruits and a few lemons left now.....


2 Peppermint tea

Watermelon juice

1 bowl watermelon cut up

Gym workout(cardio some free weights)

Yoga PM

1 Green tea with Orange juice

1 Peppermint infusion

Small bowl watermelon no more than 200g

2 cups Peppermint tea

Juice of 1 Pink grapefruit

Feeling good and super relaxed after workout and a catch up with my lovely mate Ju! Now time for some serious vegging out..foodie programmes.. cup of tea..and just flopping.. forgetting about the fact I have to be up at 5am! Enjoy the rest of the weekend..sunshine..and sunlight streaming into the house
Looking forward to rising early for yoga before heading out for the day!

That's all...more melon madness tomorrow!


Sarah said...

You're a smart girl to hydrate! Sometimes the "answer" is so simple, isn't it?!

HiHoRosie said...

Right on to what both you and Sarah said. So many times when we're hungry when we shouldn't be or feeling bit sluggish or whatever we first think, WATER. So many times that's the answer.