Sunday, 22 June 2008

.... Got that sunday feeling

Here is my "birthday cake" my lovely mate Jane put together for me..aww isn't it boootiful!

I had an awesome bday weekend, got some amazing friends that made sure I had a good time!! Went to see Sex in the city movie Friday followed by a girls night in! Ahem.. a lot of gin..that's all I am saying!

..The morning after slightly worse for wear lots of shopping(lets say I remember why I don't drink..and wont be drinking again til xmas!!). Then spent yesterday with another friend just relaxing, making dinner..which was all super!! Had soo much fun! My mates made sure I had a superb ..thanking you guys know who you are!!

Got some yummy gadgets..a pineapple corer.. lots of clothes..vouchers and huge package of raw goodies from my wonderful mate Ju :) I kind of wish I had a pineapple to try out my new gizmo!

Sex in the city movie was fabulous and well worth all the years of waiting!! ..haha.. I was crying from about halfway into the movie until the end! ..the wardrobe was AMAZING..I want it all! Fab shoes..and outfits..just gorgeous..made me pine for NYC big time!! I am not a cinema person..but I made an exception..doubt I will go again for another 5 years!

Woke up today with the biggest tension headache..been resting on and off..hence the late catchup post! Glad I made up 2 litres of orange juice before I went to bed, going to sit and sip on that now..and take it easy for the rest of the evening..enjoy the remaining 6 hours of the weekend!

That's all for now folks..!



HiHoRosie said...

Wahoo! Sounds like a fabulous birthday weekend! Well, except the hangover part. ;)

Now go get some pineapple! We eat the core actually, well, in our smoothies. I don't like to eat it as is because it's so hard but in smoothies it's good. It's anti-inflammatory FYI. But now I'm thinking of fresh pineapple....sounds d-lish.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! It sounds like you had a great time. I just had some fresh pineapple and it was soooo gooooood. I'm sure you will get some good use out of your new present.
Pixy Lisa

Sarah said...

Happy happy birthday! People who have their birthdays in June are simply fabulous! ;)