Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sleepy Sunday and... Food Log rolled into one!

Sundays are always lazy...slow.. doing all those jobs that need doing ready for the week ahead

I have been lucky enough to get a day off Thursday, I am looking forward to spending it down the gym..and pottering..stop at the juice bar on the way home. Little things that normally I don't get time to do in my working day!!

Finally got round to the boring task of cleaning the fridge..and organising my wardrobe..which was overtaking my guest room!

Sticking to a pretty basic menu right now as I am trying to save up, I think its easily doable on £10-£13 per week, but its take some serious planning.

Keeping stocked on banana's, keeping eye out for special offers and freezing up berries on sale..really works well..also going and buying the seconds at 6pm ..most supermarkets do this, Huge sacks of oranges, lemons and grapefruits for like 70p.. its worth walking and checking what they have.. make enough juice/smoothie for dinner!

Basically some forward thinking, getting up that extra 2 hours early so I have time to workout and make 1 litre smoothie to last me the morning. Its as simple as that really!

I have a small amount of seeds and some be honest I rarely use them..but they are on standby. I made a little "sweet seed mix" today, sunflower seeds, agave, carob, some coconut oil,soaked dates, banana very thinly sliced and dried for 8 hours... its seriously goooey and good as a quick snack..thrown it in the fridge..easy to just grab a spoon!.. very sweet.. my little sister would love the stuff!!

Thinking of adding in some MC drink to my diet, the continuing with routine mainly drinking watermelon juice..and whatever green smoothies I want! Cheap, cleansing..and give me some time to do some other thinking/working..and take the focus OFF of food and onto myself and some nurturing time.

FOOD + Training LOG

Workout AM



Basic floor work

Post workout snack

Few bits of cucumber, pepper and fresh peas in pods(whilst making kebabs)

Meal 1

1 Mango smoothie ice lolly (about 1/2 mango)

1 very ripe Banana


2.5 small Banana

Meal 2

2 veggie kabobs

PM Weights

Arm workout, 5kg, 10 kg free weights. Low weights high reps.

Post workout

1/2 Watermelon, 3 limes BLENDED Drink

Meal 3

2 Spoons "sweet sunflower mix"


80% Carbs

7% Protein

13% Fat

Wayyy too much fat!I had sunflower seeds and coconut oil, haven't had overt fat for so long.. felt very heavy in the stomach!

I ate a lot today, little and often. But also did some pretty hard work..also cleaned the house, hoovered and moved some heavy bits around!! Hence the hunger monster!

That's all folks



HiHoRosie said...

So, when's your birthday? *<:)

raw_veganlondoner said...

19th june..being the kid that I am..already excited!!

Sarah said...

Hey! My bday is 13th June! :) We're almost birthday twins.

I feel very heavy and sluggish with too much overt fats too!