Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Dreaming of... a good sweaty workout

Yes I am..dreaming of a workout

dreaming of running down the road

dreaming of picking up my 20kg dumbbells!

I miss my workouts!!

Went to work at 6.30 am..was back in bed by 11am.. god..I hate being sick and going home sick is just the worst!!

I didn't have any pain until I got to work, then that banging in the back of my head started.. had to come home and rest. Had 6 hours sleep this afternoon, feel nearly human now, but..don't know how long that will last for right now.

Doctor suggested Beta blockers or Amitriptyline .. I would rather avoid either of those right now.

My blood pressure is a little low. I read up on the Amitriptyline small doses used for tension headaches basically but it does affect nerve cells in the brain. It causes drowsiness and can lighten mood in higher doses. Main worry is it lowers blood pressure more, so I may be more prone to blacking out and fainting..don't need that right now!!

I have got the Amitriptyline on hold from last time I had bad migraines, so its always an option. Feeling pretty desperate but not that desperate just yet!!

Mainly just missing my normal routine!!

Had some orange juice this morning, now just drinking my water up

Anyways back to lay down!


Sarah said...

Awww I'm so very sorry you are sick! It sounds awful :( I hope you are feeling better real soon! ((hugs))

HiHoRosie said...

Man! You're still down huh? I'm sorry to hear. I was hoping today would be the day you were jumping out of bed all better. Now, it's my hope for you for tomorrow.

Get well ASAP!