Saturday, 14 June 2008

Food Log quickie!

Just a quickie post

Watermelon Juice -- I lost count how much, probably juice of 1 melon

Red Grapefruit, ate some blended some


Gym workout
Yoga PM


Frequent urination, all clear! yippee!

Light headache on waking, dehydrated, my own fault there!! re hydrated with melon juice

I am eating a little juicy fruit as and when I want it right now, mainly as I will have dinner over my bday and weekend after, so dot want to shock my body into any problems. Saying that..I am just dreaming of a green salad dotted with plums and apricots right now!! that's my perfect bday meal!!

Feeling really good right now on mostly juice, I feel vibrant, sleep well and have shed loads of energy!!!

I watched Supersizers gone 1970s this afternoon, it was pretty funny and bit nostalgic all the sweets and TV dinners.. (not that I was around in the 70s) !! If you fancy a giggle and snapshot of eating in 1970s Britain..definitely give it a watch, its an hour long. They do different eras each week, to find out the perks and pitfalls of a certain diet/exercise routine held in each time frame. Really good!! Worth a can catch it on BBC iplayer for another 6 days.. go on US guys..know you will have a laugh!

That's all for today folks!

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HiHoRosie said...

I'm drinking watermelon juice AGAIN too! Love it!!