Monday, 2 June 2008

I have a confession...

I am a complete..girly girl

yes.. a shoe obsessed.. running for the bus in 5inch heels every morning.. so busy reading Vogue she missed her bus ..... kind of girly girl!!

Ahem..glad I got that off my chest!!

Shoes are a bit of a collectors item for me!!.. Saying this I haven't had any new ones in quite sometime.. other things have been a priority..however I do love fashion..clothes..and customising stuff myself!!

Anyway..just for lighthearted are my 5 MOST WANTED girly girl items for my B-day.. totally blue sky wish list..!! I am always waffling on about my just for fun..some girly fluff!!

All of these items are from!! my favourite online shopping place..

Paul's Boutique sports bag( I have two of these..this is next on my wish list)

Disney kitch..I love it..

ASOS t-bar shoe

Leopard print cardigan

Contrast trim mini ra-ra skirt

However after all that.. I have to confess I would trade all the above for... this little pile to appear outside my doorstep(with bows..of course)!!

A girl can dream!!


Anonymous said...

You would get along great with my daughters! :) I hope you are able to find some watermelons soon. I am doing a mono diet for a few days eating only watermelon and I am loving it! :)


Oz Free Classifieds said...

I once tried to blog about my 5 must have list but I ended up having 50+.


I'm also girl girl type but I prefer flats, heels looks great but such a pain

Sarah said...

Ah you have great taste :) Nice birthday wishlist! I love the charm bracelet and the shoes are to die for.

Michelle said...

GREAT looking shoes! I wanted to suggest a great vegan site that I found called They have awesome looking vegan shoes, books, handbags and more, with what I think, are totally affordable prices! (so I can spoil myself a bit more often!)

HiHoRosie said...

lol! You're funny! You wouldn't know it by looking at me these days but love girlie girlie stuff too. And hey, I just downed a couple glasses of fresh watermelon juice. :D