Saturday, 28 June 2008

Finally.. melons!

Had the most intense craving for fresh melon juice last night, I didn't want anything else!!
After work off I pottered to the local supermarket, they were doing 2 for £2.50..fair enough..time I got there, the only ones left were so sad looking and a bit mouldy.. much to my despair went home with a few grapefruits and limes!
Just had water last night, figured would try again this morning!! last, found melons all £1 each.. and..they just had a crate of the most beautiful Spanish Watermelons ..these were HUGE!! Hopefully can go and get one in the week, may go pick up a half tomorrow, not sure I could carry much more on my own!
Got lots of Melons, some lemons for MC drink and various fresh berries for a weekend treat to add into my blends! Yum!..nearly forgot two punnets of the most lush cherries also! drool!
Finally feeling a lot better as far as the headache, so relieved this has finally left my system! Taking it easy right now, gentle weights this afternoon but no big gym sessions for me until next week. Will take a gentle walk in the morning get things pumping a bit!
Seems our bodies lead us to the perfect foods that we need for healing..I don't worry about calories or micro nutrients. I just eat. no stress whatsoever!
Anyways going to relax, rest and enjoy the sunshine!


HiHoRosie said...

Mmmm....melons.... :)

Sarah said...

Wow that is a lovely picture! Makes me hungry. Congratulations on your spanish melons!