Monday, 16 June 2008

.....Childs play I have to admit its not my birthday until Thursday and I am ridiculously excited already!! Anyone I happen to speak to..that's it.."Its my BIRTHDAAAY THURSDAYYY"...ahem..sorry..forgot I am no longer 6 years old!! ha ha

I love taking food into work..and opening pressies..and generally being a complete spoilt princess for a weekend!

I have a couple packages winging their way to me..the anticipation is killing me!!

Quick post today, got my mate over.. its rude to blog and entertain! ha!


Lemon water

Lime water

More Lemon water w/cayenne pepper

Whipped up tonight 2 litres of Watermelon juice..mmmm steeped it in the lemon syrupy mixture..YUM!!

Overall feeling good, enough energy etc.

Today was tough at work, very busy and just not enough staff. Must say everyone worked really hard and we managed to pull it off not so badly!! Did find myself a bit shaky around midday, so went off to drink my lemon juice in peace!

That's all folks..more tomorrow!


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HiHoRosie said...

Yay for birthdays! I totally understand the childish excitement of it all....I'm known for providing countdowns to my birthdays, even going so far as to mark people's calendars (not just the specific day but random months leading up to it. ha ha! It's fun to annoy people that way but also no one can claim they didn't know. ;)

Hope you are treated like a Princess - you deserve it!