Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Money Money Monaaayy Money!

Money makes the world go round..or something like that

Feeling the pinch right now.. so not got anything much as far as produce. Looking forward to getting my bulk order Friday, until then its going to be low key.. water..tea ..orange juice.. that's it!
I am saving up for a high speed blender, so putting away as much as possible is my aim right now! I know it will make a big difference in the kitchen! Have been eying up this little machine...Energise Blender pro..at £319 its pretty pricey..also been looking at these more basic types Commercial Blender Black..think the latter may win!

Really looking forward to the weekend ahead yet in the back of my mind is.. worries about more outgoings, more spending..just to spend a nice weekend with friends..it seems a constant whirl of spend spend spend!!

Work is a bit nuts right now..everyone is in a really negative mood..trying to focus on my work but the constant negative atmosphere starts to get to me after a while! Everyone is working really hard but we are just short staffed.... is only going to get worse now through the summer months.. its going to be a mental few months for sure!!

Have learnt to let go of stress and worry, I figure once I have organised, checked and double checked. There is no point stressing, all it does is make me sick and crazy!! Guess being this laid back keeps me sane!!
Not much to add right now..just resting..drinking my water and sailing along!

Food log



Watermelon juice -- of 1 watermelon


Sarah said...

Oh man, it is annoying when our lives have to revolve around money! I'm sorry and I hope things perk up for ya real soon.

HiHoRosie said...

I feel your pain. Argh! Good luck with the blender - that'll be great when you get one. Yum yum smoothies will be happenin'!