Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Step by Step...

I have been home resting today, finally feeling a little better. Not being able to exercise or go to work is like absolute HELL to me! Those two things keep me sane! Mainly the dizziness and weakness that is annoying me right now.. keeping me laid down or in bed..got to get back to work in the morning so......... Ce la vie!

Been thinking lots about how I get to work and about to grocery store etc.. am thinking I am going to go back to walking all the time, rather than using the bus sometimes with heavy things or if I am tired etc. This will save me £50 a month, and well.. improve my health I feel, this along with juicing will really amp up the experience, the detox and my fitness levels!

I worked it out and its only a 6 mile round trip to and from work, that's nothing, sometimes having time to think and clear ones head is a good thing! I have gorgeous hemp bags for carrying any groceries I need, right now I still have plenty from my bulk buy although..oranges are already running a bit low.. Next time I will get 2 cases of oranges, a case of spinach and a couple cases other juicy fruits.. craving oranges like mad! My body must need them for some healing, so I am just enjoying the juice!

Living in the UK right now is less than peachy... have stopped watching the local news right now.. If I hear the words "Credit crunch" one more time I will scream! News programme GMTV here every morning have another family starving or living on basic rations because of the inflation.... people can no longer afford basic food items.... its a choice pay the electric or feed yourself.. I am afraid the electric normally had to come first! Woke up this morning to reports of some stolen diesel..people are getting that desperate..its just madness!

I am attracting abundance, I refuse to sit and listen to all this negative credit crunch reporting!!

Made a big jug of orange juice...is just sitting on the counter right now..I have just had no appetite, soon as I sit up I am hit with blinding pain. Its put me right off my food/juice/smoothies!

Food LOG
1 Litre pure water

1 small cup Orange juice

2 mug green tea w/orange

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HiHoRosie said...

Hope you're on the fast track to good health again! That's a bummer you're still feeling blah.

Yeah, I don't watch the news much anymore either. I do read it though, maybe it's because I can be more selective over the topics.

Take care! Hope your next post is about how GREAT you're feeling again. :)