Monday, 2 June 2008

FOOD LOG..and foodie bits for the day!

Food LOG

At work 750-1730

1 Banana

1 food bar

1 Pear

2 Kebabs- veggies one I made yesterday

Grazing, eating every couple of hours basically.

After work



Leg raises, lifts

Basic kickboxing moves

Mainly leg training tonight

Post workout

Peppermint tea

Haven't had time to input things today into Nutridiary.. just really tired and looking forward to slipping into clean sheets tonight!!

Went shopping spent my £10 for the week, got grapefruits, lemons, limes and oranges..also some green tea blends. Plenty of stuff for MC drink this week. I have Thursday off and am going to use it to rest fully..drink plenty of water and sleep. Should be good.

Instead of wallowing that I cant buy my normal food I am using this opportunity to fast, cleanse and simplify my diet.

Anyways that's all on the food front for now.


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