Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Shopping tips offs for...UK rawbies

Sorry about no post yesterday, was so shattered after a long day at the office, workout..then trying to keep my eyes peeled to watch the apprentice..I was asleep on the sofa time it started!! Ha!!

Doing okay, pretty much had my MC drink yesterday, couple raw crackers..and did a 90 minute leg workout in the evening. Nothing spectacular!

Anyways.. This week I have scored some fab offers, by just checking online where has offers..and snapping them up!! ..Okay so I use markets at the weekend..however in the week time I finish work they are closed..and my dear organic man is closed for the some alternatives are...yes..the evil supermarkets!!

This might help some UK rawbies save some pennies this week..quick sweep of Tesco and Sainsburys for Offers of interest.. if it helps some of you..then its worth a quick look!!

Despite inflation may are pledging to continue their weekly fruit and vegetable offers, and keep those at a GOOD price for all.


Pineapples £1 until 15 JUNE

Sharon fruit 49p until 15 JUNE

Organic Melon £2.49 until 8 JUNE

Organic Cherry Tomato 93p until 15 JUNE

Organic Nectarines £2.99 until 15 JUNE (Same for organic Peaches)

Organic Mushrooms 89p until 15 JUNE

Coconuts(Mature), 2 for £1 until 13 JUNE

Sainsburys ( usually weekly offers, do check online first before jumping in the car!)

Pineapple 2 for £2.50

Gaila Melon 2 for £2.00

Organic Mango 2 for £2.50

Organic Peach £1.99 (Better than tesco!)

Pink grapefruit 3 for £1.00 (yes I have 20 in my kitchen)

Papaya 2 for £2.50

Organic oranges, 33% extra more in the sack £1.99

Hopefully that will help someone! Certainly helped me save some pennies this week!

Anyways I am off to drink my juice!

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