Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Unleash your POTENTIAL

After spending this afternoon in a ball of stress about my birthday next week

I decided to LET GO. and just..LET IT BE. Whatever happens happens. I have limitations, as long as I am happy, healthy and have fun..that's the main thing. But it cant mean sacrificing my well being for the rest of the month.

With that I have just..forgotten it. Its not for a week. Plenty of time to figure out where, and how to celebrate another year of life. Details aren't worth stress.

Anyways I have been reading Bronwyn's Blog the last couple days, this woman is SO inspiring. If you haven't read her blog, I would encourage you to go read the last couple posts and watch her "Juice-luck" video blogs. AMAZING the transformation, says it all.

In simplifying things, whatever this is; if its juice feasting, if its.. slowing down your pace of life, work, simplifying how you live, where you live, the way you live. WHATEVER. Simplifying things, just being, allowing your cells to be saturated with living juice.. enjoying those more quiet activities. Just is the perfect arena for some serious LIFE ALTERING Transformations.

I can honestly say I don't think I was ready for feasting in March, I stumbled through 45 days. It was rough and I couldn't get anywhere near enough juice into me. FEAST means..FEAST!! I have been having plenty of juice the past few days, and it feels amazing. I haven't felt hungry, I juice in the evenings..and drink when I am ready for my meal. SIMPLE.

Juice fasting seems to allow US to unleash our Potential..and that is just insane. Be prepared for amazing things. Whether its just adding more juice, just having juice, setting a time frame, 10 days, 30 days, 100 days..whatever. JUST JUICING..not having to be concerned with..what time, what to eat, should I do this, use this..bla bla bla..Just..drink! So many New raw guys seem to get so confused with ideas and different schools of fast. Us rawbies spend so much time worrying, is THIS..the most optimal way of eating?.. slow things down, simplify.

Juice feasting TRANSCENDS all schools of thought, cuts to the CORE.
Simplify, and unleash your POTENTIAL.
What you CAN BE, What you SHOULD BE, WHAT you desire to TRANSFORM into.

Our Local Government has extended their Appraisal scheme which now means my department also have to have appraisals! I have mine tomorrow, I guess sitting and trying to gather information on my last years performance got me thinking. How important is this in the grand scheme of things? Work is work. I am so thankful for my job..... it pays for me to live, I work with wonderful people.. I leave off..and that's it. I DON'T have to think about my job after 530..and that is a blessing. For me switching off is a massive problem, so knowing I leave the office at the door is important to my health. Its as simple as stress = flares for me, so I know keeping my stress levels low, is just crucial for me! Nothing like looking back on 12 months to give you perspective on how much things have changed, developed and IMPROVED to the max!

I am continuing onwards juicing lots. All I know right now is juice feels good. I am not limiting or saying anything more!!

If finances permit I will be bulk buying and continuing on with this, getting some celery, greens, oranges and watermelons to feast on!

Oh oh nearly forgot, sweet lady I work with got me a lovely big alfresco Jug..its gorgeous..perfect for filling with apple and sprigs of mint..Mmmm..taste the sunshine!! Too too sweet!!My first bday present..a week early! lol

Anyways plenty food for thought

GO ON.....Unleash your POTENTIAL


HiHoRosie said...

Great, inspiring post my dear Londoner! And how sweet of your coworker to give you a gift. Bonus! I've been drinking a tad more juice too. It sure makes a difference huh? And the great thing is you can juice just about anything. A little bit of this and a little bit of that and it usually turns out pretty good! Anyway, hope you look forward to your birthday (only days away!) and you get blessed with an abundance of produce. :)

Sarah said...

I love this post. I think you are right...we all have time to experience and learn and make decisions. :) Being a stressed out perfectionist is gonna do nothin' for your health anyway, right? :)


Ed said...

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Grace and Peace,