Sunday, 15 June 2008

Yet another..Lazy Sunday

Sundays are for REST.. nothing comes between me and my duvet at the weekend! I always rise early but if I want a I pootle..can easily nap and get up again lol Think its a left over habit from childhood.. coming in and sleeping after school, usually because I was so poorly! At least now its just pure indulgent snuggley duvet time!!

Been for a run this morning now debating gym this afternoon or not!!

One thing I am noticing is a drop in my body temperature, I feel soooo cold when juicing. Made up some big jugs of tea infusions to try and keep myself warm!! Cinnamon, cayenne, nutmeg.. nice and warming!!

Hoping we will have some nice weather next week so I wont feel the cold so badly!! In the meantime been wrapping up lots and resting when I need to.

This morning made up

jug of tea

jug of Lemon/cayenne/honey

These two will keep me going all day, keep going in and having a glass of this and that..pretty hydrated after my watermelon yesterday!! Made the mistake of drinking a big glass before bed..come 3am...had to get up!

Still got 1 Watermelon on the counter, will juice this tonight with some limes, nice and fresh. Something to look forward to at the office tomorrow!!

Lakeland have got some crazy new gadgets..exactly why anyone needs a strawberry slicer and huller..I do not know!!

A banana bag, keeps them at the perfect temperature in the fridge..apparently keeps them good for two weeks!! Also various Food preserving veggie bags, potato, mushroom etc..all look really cool

They also have "fresh bags" I am considering getting some of these to help keep my bulk produce be honest.. All I want is oranges..but I think I should get a few bits and bobs to make it worthwhile. Anyone got tips on keeping things fresh!?? I want to get my moneys worth out of this order!!

I know citrus keeps really not worried about this..however cucumbers/celery..bit more of a concern. I am going to freeze half of the pluots to make sure none get wasted!!

Anyways so bloomin off to go relax before hitting the gym!


HiHoRosie said...

I use those green bags to keep some produce fresh which helps a lot. For me, I have to keep track what I have and keep rotating them and with some fruits and veggies I'll just buy in smaller quantities. But with oranges, I sometimes keep those in the fridge. Not sure you're supposed to do that or not but I have no problem with it!

yardsnacker said...

You like cayenne? You in my houz now girl! :D


raw_veganlondoner said...

LOL I heart cayenne!! slam it down..mmmm

Need something to warm me up inside..its bloody freezing!!