Saturday, 7 June 2008

Baby its cold outside.... winter!! I cant believe this is JUNE..again..its a washout!

Saying that.. I have planned nothing but rest..gentle workouts..and drinking am quite content to be wrapped up on my couch!

I haven't added many food logs the past few days as I have been mainly having my MC drink, today I will be having Watermelon and as much MC as I want.

Got an awesome 12 hours sleep last night, I couldn't physically stay awake, I knew it was time for a long sleep. Drank some senna and peppermint tea..and off I went to sleep!

This actually wasn't too violent, I brewed it pretty weak, knew there was stuff that needed eliminating. To enable me to continue just consuming liquids..without having horrible detox headache is gone..and I feel much better this morning.

Feeling full of energy and raring to go!!.. going to use this day to read.. rest.. juice..and go workout a little. I am considering some more..wet yoga lol neighbours already think I am a bit zany.. I don't think doing my yoga in the pouring rain is convincing them of my sanity!

My friend is asking me for some help at the moment .. adding calories and post workout smoothies to his diet.He's an ex bodybuilder so this may take a bit of work!!

So playing around with some ideas..loving it. I like creating new things!! I am more than happy to help anyone!! If your a new rawbie..and want some help..drop me a line(email!), happy to coach/help/send food packages/provide encouragement!!

Today I became aware of Jo @ Discover Raw .. shes attempting to do raw on a budget of £20 a week, which is $40, this is more than possible with some planning. Anyways I will be keeping a close eye on what shes up to!! Have added her blog to my blogroll anyhooo. I will try and weekly add any offers of interest to UK guys..every penny counts!

Okay so this morning I did:

On rising : Yoga

Followed by Gym workout



3 cups peppermint tea (so refreshing!!)

For late lunch will have :

1/2 watermelon with 3 limes -- blended

When I juice watermelon I juice the rinds, however when I blend I cut them so to keep plenty of the white rind ON.

Here is my beautiful watermelon.. the colour is SO VIBRANT..just gorgeous.. oh..also checked and can score them wholesale 6 for £13! Yippee! ..the melon man may be redundant in a few weeks lol to be replaced by the Fruit wholesale man with his big van!! lol

That's for a blissful afternoons rest...aah!

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HiHoRosie said...

That is a good looking watermelon! Can't wait to cut ours up.