Saturday, 7 June 2008

Listening to YOUR body..

Okay right now my body seems to be telling me..simplify..simplify..simplify

In fact I am drawn to juice feasting again, having completed 45 days, which wasn't easy. Somehow now I am easily managing to fast or have a mostly liquid diet, without trying.

Perhaps its tying down and saying.. I AM NOW ..doing this..or doing that.. that means we slip up?

All in the mind set I think.

Anyways I came across a discussion about Summer Juice feasters ..which got me thinking about this, the produce is plentiful this time of year..I can score cheap cases.. it just makes sense. Thinking of doing a modified juice feast from 1st July, after my birthday, mainly as I am held to tight budget right now.. and would like to be well stocked and set up.

For now I will continue with my watermelon feasting, combined with MC..and any fruit that I want as usual. I am just listening to my body and taking it day by day right now.

As far as modifications to a feast

I think I would permit BLENDED foods -- in the form of Green smoothie
MC drink
Coconut oil, raw honey + E3 Live

Basically if my body is asking for something, within means.. accepting and shifting things up.

If this means eating a blended salad, or a superfood pudding -- then I accept that..I make my own rules.

Getting in majority of calories from juice-- juicing greens and heads of celery as per protocol.

Anyways.. I have a good two weeks to stock up...and think whether or not I want to commit to this..or just.jump in..and see where life takes me!.. I will rephrase that-- Commit to a Juice feast as per the protocol OR.. Make some BIG adaptations to my diet/routine the long term

Perhaps just adding more juices will create a shift.. I certainly am feeling mental clarity just having my watermelon juice.

Maybe this is just a shift in thinking regarding my diet as a whole-- I believe should have more juice daily..juice my greens..and the rest is just..details. I do know 8-1-1 works for me, so I know sticking to low fat is right.. whatever other adaptations..just come with time..and changes in myself.

My eyes are pretty much back to normal--I only see the stars/flashes of light in my vision at night or when I am stressed-- stress is..gone lately!Also am still completely flare free after 15 months! Really rejoice in that everyday, that I can go to work..and just do normal things without worrying about having to find a toilet. I just wish that doctors would completely poo-poo this sort of diet to crohns sufferers-- It HEALS!!!

Tonight consumed

Another watermelon juice -- drunk about 2/3 of watermelon now

w/ 4 limes

Peppermint infusion

Will continue drinking peppermint tea to keep warm all is Sooo cold!

Anyways.. I am just feeling good and inspired right now to simplify my diet..learn more about nutrition..and have mental clarity at this time of setting up business things.

Just want everything good in abundance in my life, More love, more life, more fun .. abundance financially, health wise.. in every aspect.

That's really is all for today now!

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