Friday, 20 June 2008

...The fruit wholesaler delivers!

Quite literally..he delivers!! this bountiful produce!!

Pluots, Valencia Oranges, Mini Cucumbers(dutch), Baby sweetcorn and Flat British Lettuces YUM!

...although at 7.30 AM ..err.. a tad early after my birthday night!!

here it all Me trying to carry in 20kg of oranges was pretty amusing I must say!!(glad I hoovered the carpet before these pictures!!)

Here they are in the fridges, trying out these "fresh bags" ..see how it goes!! I am normally a ..leave it out the counter kind of a girl..but hey..will give this a try! Saving me so much money, so will try anything to look after the produce best I can!

Half the Pluots went into the freezer..about 1.5 kg

Got greens...??


Sarah said...

Oooh what a lovely bounty! I'm intrigued by the baby sweet corn. Can I see a pic of them unboxed? :D


HiHoRosie said...

YU-HUH-MEEE!!! Nice produce. :) And you'll love those green bags! You can do a lot of the prep work all at once (i.e. washing the greens, drying them well) and store them in the bags and they'll be ready to go.

WTG! Enjoy it all!

yardsnacker said...

That's quite loverly!