Thursday, 26 June 2008

Orange emergency!..and other random thoughts..

Oh my.. I am running low on oranges!! Only problem with Orange juice mono I will have to go to the market Saturday!..haha too funny that's my kind of emergency! back in Jan 07..I think running out of cottage cheese may have been an emergency..or 10 cal jelly(Jello US)..YUKK!

Considering how pricey Oranges are..unless you buy them bulk thinking of some other juicy mono ideas..if you have any please drop them in a comment..I am thinking Melons..any variety would give a high yield and keep me going for 5 days no problems.

Feels pretty clean and good running on just orange juice... other than the stinking head.. but I don't think this is related as it started last week. Finally got some energy today and started to tidy up the house a bit..make lists for the weekend..and check on the sleepy produce in the fridge..Haven't had any appetite for anything but my orange juice...luckily the green bags are doing their job!

I am going to do another bulk order next weekend, now I know I need to get 2 lots of oranges ..greens and melons..Really is rather good, that works out as £12-15 per week for food.. which I think is pretty awesome!

Had some UK rawbies email me about finding a fruit supplier, its really simple. Google or use Yellow pages to find fruit wholesalers in your area. Ring and email them, request price lists..check it out..find the cheapest deal, nearest, free delivery..then GO FOR IT!! The man said since I am ordering whole isn't any extra hassle to them..and means an easy job for a little cash every couple weeks or week. Even if you don't think you will get through a lot of produce..good idea to form a food co-op given the current rocketing food prices here.. you will be amazed how easy it is!!

Have been reading Vegan Body Building forums a lot recently, two members: Lean and Green and I'm your Man are currently Liquid feasting..I guess is what I will call it..getting their calories in liquid..fresh produce and working out hard..their results are just awesome!! Definitely check it out..really interesting and inspiring!

Does give me fruit envy though..I would love some young coco's and lychee berries!! Been a long time since I have seen either here! If anyone wants to send me a case of young cocos ..really don't hold back!!

Feeling a little better today..but still had that fuzzy and weak feeling first thing, so rested up and just drank my water. Trying my best not to just take pill after pill to ease the pain. I think finally its going.. has been a bit of a challenging week. The headache has passed just left with a billion little lights in my vision..which I hate! I am just not used to dealing with pain anymore..its just not part of my life since RAW! For that I am thankful!

After the weekend once I am back to 100%..... focused on getting some bits up and happening..doing some coaching at the moment, but planning a Chocolate Extravaganza well as a couple of Demo's... Have been dreaming of Chocolate/Raspberry Tortes lol think its time to unleash my creative side.. my friends will just have to EAT UP!!

In my sleepy haze just put on youtube..laid back and listened to a few videos from the past week...

Kevin Gianni-- Anne Maria makes.. Meatless Raw Meatballs!

Kevin Gianni..speaks about the bizarre.. "McDiet"...eww! Love these guys!

Yardsnacker.. Fitness Challenge!! woohoo..Biggin up Sam!

Cool swedish guy talks about Juice feasting!

Juice feasting V Blog

Victoria's V Blog Raw challenge, DAY 4

Lemonade Tonic..Mmm!

Red Beet Smoothie..wild!!

Hope you enjoy these!

Now off for a soak in a cold tub!


yardsnacker said...

Hey that's cool, thanks for watching my video! Gotta love raw and fitness, they go together like calamata olive and salad. MMM I'm hungry now! :D


HiHoRosie said...

Mmmm...your talk of oranges is making me salivate! A super duper tall glass of fresh orange juice so absolutely wonderful right now. :)

Sarah said...

watermelon is good for mono diet...IF you're not planning to be too active during that time - my opinion. :) Bananas are best for an active person. That or maybe something dense and sweet like persimmons or figs if they're widely available where you're at...